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#crypto happy life ☺😊
Here is some information regarding your crypto journey that you enjoying or looking for enjoy near in future.

1- use secret email adress for trading on any exchanger that you funded large amount .

2- always verify with KYC your wallet or exchanger before deposit big amount .

3- always use 2 step authentication for secure 🔏 your fund on wallet or any exchanger.

4- your secret email 📧 adress shouldn't use for #airdrop and #bounty actions ( you should use diffrent one) .

5- mining #bitcoin in #blockchain not possible without regs so dnt fall for these types fucking peoples who ask you to give them your private key 🔑 or your hard earned #money .

6- always use official website for #blockchain wallet or #myetherwallet before entering your private key 🔑.
Check doubles security bar HTTPS ( green colour ) and check words also in website.


С3 - международная мультивалютная криптокарта с кешбеком
С3.Excange (преемник Crypto Credit Card) - это:
Дебетовая, Кредитная и Крипто банковская карта
Возможность оплачивать товары/услуги в точках приёма VISA/Mastercard
Международный кешбек от ведущих ритейлеров в мире
Мобильное приложение и мобильный банк с возможностью обмена крипты на фиат и фиата на крипту
Счёт в собственной криптобирже проекта
Обмен 20 ведущих криптовалют между собой и на фиатные деньги по курсу до 3% от биржевых цен
Ликвидный растущий в цене токен, на который можно не только заказать карту, но и пользоваться многими сервисами проекта
Возможность получить кредит в иностранном банке
Возможность любому желающему легко реализовывать трейдерские амбиции

C3.Exchange platform Trades

Дружная структура-Паровоз1000+ Заявку оставлять тут https://forms.gle/WQ8newv7UHeTKy8F9
Наши кураторы @axxsderf Артем и Павел @Pavelkrpt - (для связи используйте Телеграм)
Кошелек сделать тут - https://wallet.ouroboros-crypto.com
Наша группа телеграм тут https://t.me/OURO_STR
Паровоз1000+ это структура из 100 вагонов для наилучшего зароботка ( сейчас 24 вагонов у нас с
оборотом 15158$ несчитая реинвеста. Кто хочет шикарно стабильно майнить гоу к нам в паровоз!!!✊✊✊



Registration link: https://cryptohands.org/vi/?rid=28550

With only 0.06 ETH = 10 $ and Trustwallet wallet you can earn 109 ETH at Blockchain CryptoHands Project with 6 simple steps as follows:
Step 1: Go to AppStores or CHPlay on your phone to download Trustwallet wallet and register to create a wallet.
Step 2: Buy ETH on the wallet, wallet conditions have a minimum of 0.06 ETH = 10 $.
Step 3: Go to the bottom of the Trustwallet wallet and have the Dapps menu selected in it and go to the searching coppy link, paste it: https://cryptohands.org/vi/?rid=28550 and find this page.
Step 4: Click on the green plus and click on "register 1 click"
Step 5: Confirm transfer of 0.05 ETH is done, a screen will appear with your referral link.
Step 6: Introduce others to do the same as you with your referral link.

CRYPTOHANDS - Cách dễ nhất và nhanh nhất để kiếm tiền trong ngành công nghiệp tiền điện tử

CRYPTOHANDS - Cách dễ nhất và nhanh nhất để kiếm tiền trong ngành công nghiệp tiền điện tử

Dự án blockchain không rủi ro đầu tiên

New Canadian crypto exchanger giving 20 Canadian dollers free

👉 create account here https://einstein.exchange/refe....rral-signup?referral

👉 verify email.

👉 complete verification process in this method

Send an email 📧 to verify@einstein.exchange

With subject " Verify documents "

Attach . I'd front, I'd back, any address proof, one selfie with I'd card and a note with " Your name, Einstein exchange, date.
After verify accoubt download app and login for another 10 CAD
#airdrop #bounty #bitcoin

Einstein Exchange

Providing customers worldwide with a safe, secure and simply way to buy, trade and invest in virtual currencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Dash, Ripple, Iota.

#free #litcoin

Claim free #ltc ( 2000 to 100000 litoshi) each hour on this legit paying app 📲
Automatically payout weekly with minimum 20000 litoshi. Just download app here https://bitcoinaliens.com/?ref....=222413&game=8&a

Make sure to attached your litcoin receive adress to get automatic paid out. Earn more spins by watching smal videos.

#airdrop #bitcoin

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