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? Perspective Puzzle: ten flat images, when ordered and spaced correctly, combine to produce this 3D illusion of structure and depth. This vintage toy by Mattel was sold as “Virtual Illusion 3D Puzzle” where the challenge is to scramble/shuffle the 12 sheets and then place them in the correct orientation and order to complete the image.

? Double Pendulum with Glow Tracer Screen: A UV diode traces the intricate path of the pendulum on to a phosphorescent screen, revealing its chaotic motion. It’s amazing that such complex motion can arise from a simple assembly of two pendulums, one attached to the end of the other.

? Micro-Mirror Interactive Art: the "love/hate" memo pad by Luycho. The displayed message is the product of 1280 mirror pixels (dimensions 2.0 x 2.5 mm), where each tiny mirror reflects a specific part of the memo pad below.

? Infinity Mirror Tea-light Candle: parallel partially mirrored panes of glass create the illusion of multiple candle flames through the physics of reflection and refraction.

? Spherical Lens: an 11cm in diameter sphere of fused quartz. Telescope Peak as refracted through a crystal ball from the vantage point of the Devil's Golf Course.

? Radiometer

? Air Stream Levitation / zero gravity: a physics toy employing the Coandă effect- the air stream attaches and wraps around the styrofoam ball trapping it in the center of the stream.

? Fused Optical Fiber Inverter: image conduit with a twist!

? Fused Optical Fiber Image Conduit: this cylinder is made of one million fiber optic channels per square centimeter, each fiber providing one "pixel" of the transmitted image.

? Am-241 in Wilson Cloud Chamber: the typically invisible ionization tracks of alpha particles emitted from a radioactive source are revealed in this miniature expansion type cloud chamber.

? Hoberman Sphere

? Kaleidoscope Symmetry Physics

? Pixelated Playing Cards: what one sees is all about the lighting with this transparent deck of cards.

? Monorail Top: gyroscope stabilized and powered vehicle rides a thin ribbon of metal on a single brass wheel.

? Diamagnetic Racetrack: thin pyrolytic graphite sheets levitate above powerful magnets. Diamagnetic substances develop temporary repulsive magnetic fields only when they are in the presence of a magnetic field from some other source.

? Maxwell’s Dynamical Top

? Hyperboloid Spinner

? Mercury Maze: metal mercury (Hg) is liquid at room temperature, and it has very strong surface-tension which causes small blobs of it roll in a peculiar way.

? Rocking Seagull Kinetic Art

? Flying Seagulls by Otagiri: 1970s kinetic art. A delicate balance of torques and a low center of mass lend to this curious motion.

? Viewing the Feel Flux Magnetic Field: Magneview film reveals the powerful field of the neodymium magnet as it falls with terminal velocity through the copper tube of the Feel Flux toy.

? Aqua Drop Puzzle: a superhydrophobic coating allows this dexterity puzzle to use a drop of water as the "pinball".

? Atomix

? Spheres on Inclines


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