If you are new to Friendster...

Welcome! We are sure you’re going to love it here!

Follow this Friendster Announcements page to stay up to date.

Check our Help page here to get started - https://friendster.io/site-pages/help

Join our Telegram group - t.me/friendsterl0 to talk to our admins and ask questions

Have fun and thanks for being part of the Revolution ?


Have you created your channel on our video-sharing platform yet?

Go to Play.friendster.io and click the red Friendster 'F' on the home page to link to your main Friendster account

Set up your channel and add videos which you can easily share onto the main Friendster site or other social sites that you use

People can subscribe to your channel and you will be able to earn Friendster tokens for content that you share on your channel!

‼️ Using referral links...

In the ‘Invite your friends’ section of your profile you will find your individual referral link which you can email or copy to send to your contacts.

We also just added a QR code that you can send to people or add to your social posts, website, clothing, flyers etc, so people can scan it to access the site via your link.

You earn 500 tokens for each person that signs up using your link and tokens will be listed on an exchange! If you check your ‘Token Vault’ you will see all the transactions of tokens that have been added to your balance, so you will see that 500 tokens are added when someone signs up via your referral link.

Please note that the referral link only works when being used by an IP address that has never accessed the Friendster site previously.

Please help us to #growfriendster


Watch this video to find out more about earning points on Friendster!


Please feel free to use any of these images when you are spreading the word about Friendster! Don’t forget to include your referral link which you can find in the ‘Invite your friends’ section, to earn 500 tokens for each person that signs up using your link!


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