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✅Инновационная трейдинговая крипто-валютная Биржа Coinsbit дарит 200$ за регистрацию!
📢ВНИМАНИЕ! 2000 CNB = 200$ дают только по реферальной ссылке.
Каждый может получить 2000 CNB = 200$ от CoinsBit.
🔸Цена: 1CNB = $0,1
✅Раздача монет продлится до 20 декабря.
✅Торговаться монета начнет с 1 января 2020, в это время станет известен актуальный курс монеты. (Биржа берет на себя обязательство выкупа монет у все кто их получил)
📕Пройдите верификацию загрузите скан паспорта + (сэлфи) и получите = 200$



Coinsbit is a new trading platform that provides businesses and individual traders with Low commissions, Multi-Support, Strong Security, and Open API
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Free bonus 0.021 btc.

Translate   1 month ago C3 - international multicurrency cryptocurrency card with cashback
C3 Exchange is the first cryptocurrency exchange for trading digital and fiat assets with professional tools for trading (PAMM accounts). The exchange works with several jurisdictions, covering the countries of the CIS, Asia, Europe and the Middle East, which will allow working with all participants in the financial market. Commissions on the C3 Exchange can be paid by both cryptocurrency and C3 tokens. The C3 token is used by default when paying commissions and gives the user a 50% discount.
The sale of plastic cards will be realized

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FREE 20$ Instant Withdraw
Download the app and sign up to receive FREE 20$
Instant withdraw to your PayPal account or your crypto wallet

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