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🔴New Desert Finance ROUND 1 (12$) AIRDROP
➤Reward 40 DES=12$ /Ref: 8 DeS=2.4$ EARN MORE
➤TELEGRAM BOT:https://t.me/DesertFinanceBot?start=r06990765440
➤Submit Your Binance Smart Chain BSC Wallet Address
➤The Airdrop Will End In 12 Days & After Tokens Will Be Distributed Within 10 Days

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🔴New (First Cardano Dapp Ecosystem Project with Big Partners) Revuto (10 REVU) AIRDROP
➤Reward 10 REVU /Ref: 10 REVU EARN MORE (Unlimited Referrals)
➤AIRDROP LINK: revuto.com/invite/ansiff065a
➤Submit Your First Name,Last Name & Email only Then Verify Your Email & After Clicking on Verification Email Then Create Password & Get Your Referral Link.
➤Total Supply = 280,125,000 Tokens, If you bring 60 of your friends by sharing your referral link, you will get: 600 Revu

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🔴New Diamond Cash 100$ AIRDROP
➤Reward 20 DCASH=100$ /Ref: 5 DCASH EARN MORE
➤TELEGRAM BOT: https://t.me/diamondcash_bot?start=r0819696278
➤Submit Your Binance Smart Chain BSC Wallet Address
➤Note: This Airdrop will end on 31 May 2021 and tokens distribution date will be announced on the same day.


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