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OZINEX - http://bit.ly/ozinexecoec
Trading Competitation Started.
First Eco-Cluster (Econeuark) project together with the partner exchange OZINEX launches a contest among ECOEC coin traders.

The prize fund:
15,000 ECOEC ERC20

1st Place 5000 ECOEC
2nd Place 4000 ECOEC
3rd Place 3000 ECOEC
4th Place 2000 ECOEC
5th Place 1000 ECOEC

How to join?
1. Register on Ozinex exchange - Signup Now! - http://bit.ly/ozinexecoec

2. Turn on 2FA and pass the KYC (if possible)

3. Make a deposit and start buying / selling ECOEC

Happy trading and good luck to the winners!
ECOEC Token ERC20 Base price: 1 ECOEC = 0.15ETH

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​​?Friends, First Eco-Cluster (Econeuark?) project together with the partner exchange OZINEX ? launches a contest among ECOEC coin traders ?

Start date 07/25/2019 120 (UTC)
Finish date 08/18/2019 120 (UTC)

?We have decided to increase the prize fund now it is 15,000 ?ECOEC ERC20, which will be divided among themselves by the 5 best traders of the ECOEC? coin.

First place 5000 ECOEC
Second place 4000 ECOEC
Third place 3000 ECOEC
Fourth place 2000 ECOEC
Fifth place 1000 ECOEC

How to join ????

1.Registration on the OZINEX exchange http://bit.ly/ECOEClisted
2. Turn on 2FA and, if possible, pass KYC
3. Make a deposit and start buying / selling ECOEC

?Wish a good bidding ?


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​​The First ECO-cluster project (ECONEUARK) needs 3 bitcoins to exit to IEO. The project offers 1000 investors to buy a share of 0.003 Bitcoin = $ 35
Roadmap: an investor buys a ECOECTRON token under a smart contract https://tronscan.org/#/token/1002469 for 1100 TRX ($ 35)
or transfers Ethereum to the wallet of project 0x7A30d16B3088b9B3c7cab22ca25860eb22d0e4f1 in an amount of 0.12 ETH ($ 35)
1. within 24 hours - 100 ECOEC + 100,000 ECOECTRON
2. From the first sales of the token to IEO back its $ 35
3. 0.02% of the sale of tokens on the IEO exchange included in the TOP-20 rating of exchanges + on sales during the month listing on it the ECOEC token (c sales of tokens by the project itself) but not more than $ 350

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ECONEUARK platform - is a decentralized platform for investment in suburban real estate based on Blockchain and SmartContracts. This is a unique blockchain platform that combines with a crypto community on the one hand, and real estate developers, property owners, contractor (trade) organizations, on the other hand, which allows living in your own house, becoming the owner of the suburban real estate in any part of the planet.