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Registration link:

With only 0.06 ETH = 10 $ and Trustwallet wallet you can earn 109 ETH at Blockchain CryptoHands Project with 6 simple steps as follows:
Step 1: Go to AppStores or CHPlay on your phone to download Trustwallet wallet and register to create a wallet.
Step 2: Buy ETH on the wallet, wallet conditions have a minimum of 0.06 ETH = 10 $.
Step 3: Go to the bottom of the Trustwallet wallet and have the Dapps menu selected in it and go to the searching coppy link, paste it: and find this page.
Step 4: Click on the green plus and click on "register 1 click"
Step 5: Confirm transfer of 0.05 ETH is done, a screen will appear with your referral link.
Step 6: Introduce others to do the same as you with your referral link.

The documentation:
Link video introduction:
Instruction link for registration:
Link video of upgrading to higher levels:
Link to create Trustwallet wallet: Link Zalo support group:
Good luck!

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Papa bear is the coolest whale in town!
Papa bear, @paradise-found, I am grateful for you.
We love you papsi bear.

Welcome, everyone.
Come and join us #gratefulvibes group

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Gratefulvibes is here!! Yahooo!!
We love papa bear!