Searchlight flashlight features and application range

what is searchlight flashlight? What are the characteristics and application scope of searchlight flashlight?


Flashlight is no longer limited to the use of general lighting, LED flashlight technology is rapidly rising, coupled with the increasing demand for searchlight flashlight in the market, what is searchlight flashlight? What are the characteristics and application scope of searchlight flashlight?

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What is searchlight flashlight?

Searchlight flashlight is a light-emitting diode with a large rated operating current. The power of ordinary LEDs is generally 0.05W and the working current is 20mA, while high-power LEDs can reach 1W, 2W, or even tens of watts, and the working current can range from tens of milliamps to hundreds of milliamps. High-power LED, as the fourth-generation electric light source, is given the name of “green lighting source”. It has the advantages of small size, safe low voltage, long life, high electro-optical conversion efficiency, fast response speed, energy saving, and environmental protection. It will definitely replace traditional Incandescent, halogen and fluorescent lamps have become the new generation of light sources in the 21st century. Yage high-power flashlights, Yage high-power portable lights, and Yage high-power headlights use high-power LEDs. Compared with the traditional multi-lamp LED, it has the characteristics of higher brightness, better condensing effect and longer life.

Searchlight flashlight features

1. Service life: searchlight flashlight lamp beads have a service life of more than 50,000 hours;

2. Energy saving: Save more than 20% of electricity than traditional energy-saving lamps;

3. Green environmental protection. The searchlight flashlight lamp beads do not contain lead, mercury and other pollution elements, and have no pollution to the environment;

4. Safety: impact resistance, strong shock resistance, light emission in the visible light range, no ultraviolet and infrared radiation. No harm to human body;

5. Low light decay rate, can maintain super high brightness for a long time;

6. No high temperature, the lamp cup will not age and yellow. Eliminates the decrease in brightness and shortened life;

7. Start without delay. The led is at the nanosecond level, and it can reach normal brightness when powered on, without waiting;

8. No strobe. Pure DC operation eliminates visual fatigue caused by flicker;

9. No bad glare. Eliminate the glare, visual fatigue and visual disturbance caused by the bad glare of ordinary LEDs;

10. Pure color-The color is produced by the semiconductor PN junction itself, pure and thick; the color is rich.

Searchlight flashlight application range

searchlight flashlight is widely used in special industries, such as oil fields, petrochemicals, railways, mines, and military, stage decoration, urban landscape lighting, home lighting, etc.

Searchlight flashlight works

searchlight flashlight Light-emitting diode (LED) is a solid device that can convert electrical energy into light energy. Its structure is mainly composed of PN junction chip, electrodes, and optical systems. The basic working principle of LED is an electro-optical conversion process. When a forward bias is applied to both ends of the PN junction, the positive charge of the P region will diffuse to the N region due to the reduction of the PN junction barrier, and the electrons of the N region will also The P-region diffuses and a non-equilibrium charge builds up in both regions. Because the minority carriers generated by current injection are relatively unstable, for a PN junction system, the non-equilibrium holes injected into the valence band must recombine with the electrons in the conduction band, and the excess energy will radiate outward in the form of light. The greater the energy difference between electrons and holes, the higher the photon energy produced. With different energy levels, the frequency and wavelength of light produced will be different, and the color of the corresponding light will be different.