When to Use DM, PM or CHAT

pls do not take this article as serious as a once in a lifetime relationship with your crush on grade school who has been yours after 10 years of lurking to bite her thighs.


by: vhanfire

Are you doing it right? Many of you may wonder which term to use when refereing to sending messages to someone online or you could just simply interchangeably use few terms such as DM, PM and CHAT. Good thing, I am here to clear things up for you. I will be briefly telling you which one to use on certain case.
Now, DM is used mostly when you are sending message to someone on daytime, Chat is during dusk to midnight and PM is during midnight to dawn. Ok relax, I know the amusement and discombobulation hunting you from deep inside. The idea is simple and you may not be aware of the clues on how this terms were coded to function that way.
Here we go. DM typically means Direct Message for some low vocabulary individuals but sorry to bust your WRONG MISCONCENPTION (double negative para dama mo) DM actually means Daytime Messages so whenever sending message online on daytime we use DM. Clear? Now CHAT, on the other hand is used generically. To tell you frankly I did the same mistake everyone else do, using the term chat anytime I want to, this is of course before I knew that CHAT is used as term for messages sent after 10pm. Yes! You read it right. This is because CHAT means, Conversion Happening After Ten PM. Now I guess CHAT word will not be abused that much after you knowing this fuck(fact). Lastly, PM. Whenever your friend tells you, please PM me now, look at the?clock. He may not me meaning that he wants you to send him message, at least if it is 12mn onwards. This is because, PM is derived from acronym PMM which means Pre-Morning Messages. Since Pre-Morning is a single word, we just drop one of the m's arriving to PM.

Now that you are more knowledgeable that a while ago, before seeing this article, I wish to see you using these terms rightfully. Be a good samaritan by letting others know. Godbless.