Join Me To Welcome Myself To Friendster

Introduction about myself for those that don't know me

Hello Friendster commmunity, I am pleased to be here.. Wow!! such a great place to finally arrive. You may not know who this rare gem here is, do not bother yourself too much since i am here to tell you about myself a little.

I am Abdullateef Abdulmajeed. That was too straight, i get it you do not have to say it to my face, hahaha.... i am a fresh graduate in computer science. When i say computer science I mean the science that rules the world presently. Trust me, i am a Nigerian and one thing you need to know about Nigerians is that we have a beautiful heart. I love doing graphic designs and I know a little of programming but believe when i say i ant to learn more about programming because i am a beginner. I will love to learn more about programming.

Further more,i will also love to enjoy the platform and people in it. I will love to make friends and communicate with users in the community properly.