Spider-Man: Far From Home Joins The Billion-Dollar Club

Given that several of the franchise's movies have hit the magic number already, it's perhaps not such a surprise that MCU-connected entry Spider-Man: Far From Home is being handed the keys to the Billion Dollar club. Still, it's the first film – without adjusting for



Far From Homehas been a huge success for Sony, which has only had one other film make it past the billion-dollar mark in 2012'sSkyfall. It's also another hit for Marvel, which recently celebratedAvengers: Endgamebecomingthe number one film of all timeat the box office, displacingAvatar.

The latest Spidey outing outpacedHomecoming(which topped out around $880 million worldwide) and is only the third entry of the year so far to make it past a billion, joiningEndgameandCaptain Marvel.

Despite it not being one of its direct films, Disney will no doubt be happy with the spider-performance, even as it watches one of its own non-Marvel recent releases,Aladdinfly towards a similar mark.

It's a no-brainer to think that this means a thirdTom Holland-starring Spider-film is already at the planning stage, though whether it'll squeeze intoMarvel's packed Phase 4or will wait a little longer remains to be seen. You can readour review ofFar From Homehereand check out ourSpoiler Special Podcast on the film right here.