Let LOVE Flow

Everyone show give love and stop obstructing charity whenever it present itself


Can we as humans love unconditionally? Can we care for someone without no ulterior motives? Can we cared for those we don't know, the way we do those related to us?

Deep within our core as human, selfishness lay dormant to spread it un-generousity to those we want to feel above of or who once treated us bad - an eye for eye will most people use as their mantra.

Let me tell you what love is. He is that stranger than gave you a lift when you were down. That friend that aided not just you but some you told him was having problems and he have never met. She give anonymously to programs requests shown on TV of the sick, people affected with natural disasters and crises situations.

When charity is given should it be held accountable as middlemen has middle fingers that cut their sum from any given lump sum. Now begs the question, should the giver sort the receiver or vise versa. How can love flow free if people tend to always rob it.