The Best Pod Systems 2019/2020

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As we know vaping has hit a massive high in the last decade and has been evolving tremendously. It seems as though every for weekly a new product comes into the market. Which is great for all the vaping enthusiasts? However, it has become more apparent that the amount of sub ohm e-cigarettes that have hit the market has become more mainstream. More manufacturers have become aware of the fact that vaping has slowly started to move away from the initial point of vaping in the first place which was for more MTL users. This is why all the big brands have noticed this and have started the new pod systems and even more recently, the pod vape mod systems or vape pod kit.

The newest vaping craze, the pod systems/pod mod systems which every big brand are trying to get their hands on to produce a product unique from the others. On our blogs we have previously mentioned about closed and open pod systems, these can differentiate dependent on the type of e-cigarette that you have. Additionally, the eliquid that can be consumed by pod systems are also variable, it could be either high vg e liquid used for DTL vaping/Sub ohm vaping or nicotine salts e liquid or 50 50 vg/pg e liquid used for MTL vaping. However, our preference may not be the same as yours and it is always good to experiment with whatever you deem fit to suit your vaping style to ensure you reap the best experience from your product. Not only is there open and closed pod systems but there are also two has other featured to choose from the pod systems. There is a coil pod system which is similar to all other e-cigarettes, where if it starts tasting burnt or disfavored you will need to change the replacement coil. Similarly, there are replaceable pod systems; these are where you will need to replace the pod rather than the coil.

Open Pod - An open pod is a lot more flexible in comparison to closed pod systems, in the sense that they can be filled with any eliquid and mg of nicotine to best suit your vaping style.

Closed Pod- A closed pod system is little bit more restrictive as they come as pre filled eliquids with set nicotine level which can vary. Closed pod systems are always made so that you will only be able to use them on the machine and brand that have produced them.

There have been a lot of great new pod mod/pod mod systems especially coming to the end of 2019 and brought forward into the new exciting year. If you are one of the brave to stop smoking as your new year’s resolution, you will not be disappointed with a pod system kit.

What are the best pod mod systems on the market right now?

Aspire AVP Pod System

The Aspire AVP pod system is definitely one of our most popular products of 2019. Aspire have always brought out very reliable, unique products at great prices. The aspire avp pod kit calls under the open pod system line, however instead of replaceable coils the AVP uses replaceable pods which come built in with a coil. They come available in many different coolers and is a very small sleek product. AVP has some very cool features such as an adjustable wattage feature which can be adjusted between three different levels.

The AVP is one of our favorite built in pod e-cigarettes; the small and sleek external appearance is very compact. The external appearance is put together with a carbon fiber pattern which is subtle but has a good little weight on it which shows that it is of great value and is a premium product. The AVP pods are very long lasting and produce excellent flavor with a great MTL draw. Definitely one to try.

The Aspire AVP is definitely a step up from anything else we have seen, they have incorporated little unique features which we always love to see. For example, filling the AVP is different to anything we have seen before, there is a little hole under the pod itself and you hold the nozzle of the eliquid bottle down into the pod and remove once it’s been filled. This ensures that you wouldn’t have any leakage issues that will later harm the battery. Additionally, the wattage setter on this pod system is very easy to maneuver, by clicking the power button twice; three different coolers will show each time. This is so you are able to find the setting you are most comfortable using.

Smoke Nord Pod System

The Smoke Nord Pod Kit is a more advanced e-cigarette kit from the Novo kit that we saw from Smoke at an earlier stage. The nord pod system is a great starter kit and has brought a new look on vaping all together. They have many different coils which enables them to be used for sub ohm vaping and MTL use. Nord has a great 1100mAh internal built in battery with an output of up to 15watts which is great for everyday use and convenient to carry around.

The external appearance of the nord is very classy and sleek; the small compact device has a great variety of colors. The difference between the novo pod system and the nord pod system is that nord has replaceable nord coils, regular coil or mesh coil and a power button. The nord pod holds 2ml of eliquid and is very easy to fill. A little trick that we learned is that as the pod and battery themselves are connected through magnets, to avoid any light leakage, you don’t need to push the pod all the way down. The magnets will connect and still work when it’s connected with a little space in between the battery and the pod. This also allows more airflow.

The great features that Smok have incorporated into their Nord pod system are the ability to use it at an earlier stage of vaping. You can tell it was produced as a starter kit for beginners to ensure that the transition is made easier for them. The Nord kit is very easy to use as the filling has a small cap on the side of the pod which can be opened and closed very easily. Similarly, we often find that people struggle to change and replace coils, however, with the Nord this is a simple pull in and pull out transition at the bottom of the pod. The curved mouth piece is also very interesting, as it is assembled in order to make it comfortable around the mouth. We love this pod system, and are expecting more great things from Smoke.

Unwell Caliburn Pod System

The Caliburn is the first pod system that we have seen from Unwell, and we are not disappointed. Uwell is very well known for their sub ohm tanks and mod kits. The caliburn has a 2ml open pod system, and has a really unique dual firing system. It has a firing button however can be used by draw activation. Caliburn is a very thin but compact device, taller than other pod systems we have come across in comparison to another well-known pod system by JUUL.

Uwell caliburn is definitely one of our top 5 vape kits and for good reason it has a great draw for MTL users and a very smooth throat hit. It has a 550mAh built in battery which is good to carry around with you throughout the day. It has great vapors and flavor production and is very fast charging. It is without a doubt the most perfect pocket mod and super easy to use which is great for smokers that are making the change to vaping. Unwell have produced a little glass level on each side of pod to show you eliquid levels so you know when you are running low and avoids any dry hits.

Smoke RPM 40 Kit

Smoke have come back better than ever with this lovely kit, jumping straight on the band wagon of one of the newest, great craze's that is circling around the vaping industry, the Smok RPM 40 pod mod kit. Pod moods are probably the best thing on the market right now, all of the big brands are definitely trying to get a big piece out of this cake. They are great for a wide range of reasons, a few being; they can be used either way, MTL or DTL. They can be adjustable with a small LED screen and have a big wattage output with a great internal battery.

The Smoke RPM kit comes with two refillable pods which are very easy to fill as they have the little flip over technique that can be opened and closed quite easily. The pods themselves have a great big eliquid and battery capacity. Wattage output up to 40w which is great as its the kit itself only stands up to about 10cm tall, considering the size, technology on the product is astounding.

Smoke never disappoint with their little features that make the product easily accessible and useable. Similarly, like there other pod system the Nord as spoken about before, the coils are very easy to remove and replace. The RPM40 kit has the same pop in and pop out feature which makes changing coils that much easier. The LED screen is very clear to be able to adjust and read to suit your vaping style. Additionally, on the RPM pod mod kit you can actually lock in your wattage by clicking the two adjustable buttons at the same time, you can still fire and use while the wattage is locked. This is there to ensure that the settings don’t change without you meaning to.

Geek Vape Aegis Boost Kit

Geek vape have done amazingly well with this one. Introducing the Geek Vape Aegis boost kit. We have been absolutely raving about this product since the minute it came into my possession. Geek vape are one of the biggest vaping brands, they are very well known for their RDA/RDTA's. Recently bringing out their new Aegis range; Aegis solo, Aegis Mini, Aegis X and now Aegis Boost Kit. We have previously raved about their other kits from Geek Vape; we feel it only right to also let you in on what our first impressions from their newest pod kit.

One of the first features that we noticed from the Aegis Boost is that it has very similar features to their other products from this range. It has a very ruggedized external appearance, similarly to the other Aegis products with a comfortable hand grip. Additionally, it holds a very great battery capacity of 1500mAh and large e liquid pod capacity. The actual product has a 5-40 output of wattage. Geek Vape are one of the only brands to incorporate some must have features that every vapor needs such as; IP67 waterproof, dustproof and shockproof. Hence why Geek Vape have branded the Boost as the most indestructible pod system on the market.

Geek Vape have little USP points in all of their products which make them so intriguing. One of these being that the airflow on the Aegis Boost is a little wheel at the front of the pod above the LED screen, which can be adjusted up to 360 degrees. If you were to have this wide open, it is a great feature for cloud chasing or sub ohm vaping.