Brief Guide On Canon B200 Error Code.

Canon recommends some general solutions, such as turning the printer off and on, we have found more reliable solutions that require working with printheads.


You get the canon mx922 b200 error, we have prepared a list of options for this frequent printer failure.

Although Canon recommends some general solutions, such as turning the printer off and on, we have found more reliable solutions that require working with printheads.

Canon B200 Error Code 

We've seen this error on the mg6320, mp560, mx870, mx922, mp620, mg522 and many other Canon models. It should be clarified that reinstalling canon drivers is not an option, but if you need information from installers here: canon drivers

Check the patches below to see if they work. The videos contain detailed instructions on how to solve this problem.

Remember, however, that analyzing your printer may void your warranty, so the best first step may be to contact Canon Service.

Fix Error Code B200 in Canon Printer 

Solution  1:

The popular solution for this Canon error code, which warned him to "unplug the power cord and contact the support center."

The solution begins with turning off the printer, disconnecting it from the power supply, and then moving the printer head to the center and turning it on again.

After rebooting, before the print head returns to the right and before it reaches the left side, it says shutdown, then wait for reboot today and check if the error code has been removed.

Watch the entire video with the above-mentioned correction and many others who have tried to remove this error from the Canon printer.

Solution 2:

According to this video creator, Computerhilfe, a way to solve the error of this Canon B200 printer would be to replace empty ink cartridges and clean the printhead.

Solution 3:

A series of YouTube refreshing tapes has released a fix in the Canon b200 error message. He says that in his experience this error is usually related to the printhead problem in an inkjet printer.

Although he claims that many of Canon's supporting threads indicate that this can happen because of obstruction or something in the printer that prevents the crib, from his experience that it was not.

A common solution is to turn off the printer for a few minutes, remove obstacles, turn on the printer and remove it. However, if that doesn't work, one of the first recommended solutions is to check the electrical error in the printhead.

He says the patch changes depending on the number of capsules he uses. With the 5 Plus capsule printer, this is more difficult because the print head will be in the printer.

See the video with step by step instructions to solve this error.

YouTube Comment Corrector

One owner of this Canon printer, in the comments section, explained that he had a 5-ink capsule variant and printed a solution that worked for him:

1-Disconnect energy

2-Open the printhead compartment (as when replacing ink)

3-Power on

4-Wait for the carriage to move to the left and let it slide halfway

5-Just before the carriage reaches the left side (but halfway), close the cover

6-Leave the printer turned on

7-Check if it is fixed

Solution 4:

According to the popular Appuals technical repair site, patches vary depending on whether you have a Canon printer with 2 or 4 cartridges.

Corrections include working with printheads and ink cartridges. Check the b200 code fix in the Appuals step by step.

Solution 5:

The Canon support thread contains a detailed solution.

This requires removing the printhead, making sure the printhead is properly aligned with the front frame.

A Canon user said that they engraved the gold contacts with adhesive tape to protect them from water and ink pollution.


As always, if the above patches don't work for you, we recommend contacting company support.