Standard Steps to Setup Roadrunner Email Account on your Device

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Roadrunner Email SettingsRoadrunner is an excellent email service that is being used currently by millions of users, both professionally and personally. Roadrunner service is actually provided by a popular communication-based company, Time Warner Cable (TWC) Internet Service Provider. But

Roadrunner email services have some of the most functional features that fulfill all the requirements of an email user. There are several advantages of using Roadrunner email service.

Steps To Set Up An Email Account Using Roadrunner

Follow these simple steps to make changes inside the Roadrunner e-mail server settings and set up an e mail account the use of Roadrunner:

1. Open Applications and tap ‘My Account’
2. Select the option ‘Add Account’
3. You are now at the menu of ‘Set-up debts’ and there are numerous other icons of social networks.
4. Click on the e-mail icon.
5. Now you need to go into your whole Roadrunner electronic mail address that is followed with the aid of ‘@—-.Rr. Com’ the domain call. Ensure that everything is in decrease case.
6. Now enter the Roadrunner password in the space provided.
7. You need to skip the option ‘Automatically configure account’.
8. Click on ‘Next’
9. The telephone gets linked to the e-mail server. If the email account is set up effectively, you may see ‘Success!’ at the display screen.
10. Your Roadrunner email setting is complete. You can check the setup by means of sending and receiving a mail.

Roadrunner Email Manual POP IMAP Settings

Roadrunner POP settings

For the roadrunner POP settings, it's miles important which you have strong and strong internet connectivity and a roadrunner webmail account.

1. Open the roadrunner email on your device and click on the settings
2. Select manual server settings and click on the POP settings.
3. Make the account type as POP or POP3
4. Change the incoming server mail as
5. Change the incoming server port to 110
6. Make the security type to none for the port
7. Make the outgoing server as
8. Change the outgoing server port to 587
9. Make the security type as None
10. For the username, enter the complete roadrunner email address
11. Enter the correct roadrunner email password in the respective location
12. Click on the done and you are done with POP settings                                                                                                               

Roadrunner IMAP settings

To start with the roadrunner IMAP settings on your device, make sure that you have a roadrunner email account and a strong internet connection.

1. Open the mail app on your device
2. Provide the login credentials for the roadrunner email login
3. Click on the manual set up option and untick the automatic configuration option
4. Now select the IMAP settings and make the configurations as follows:
5. Make the account type as IMAP
6. Change the incoming server
7. Make the incoming mail server port to 143
8. Make the security type as SSL/TLS and security type as None
9. Change the outgoing server to:
10. Make the outgoing port as 587
11. Change the security type to none and make the insecure port as none
12. Provide the complete roadrunner email address
13. Provide the roadrunner email password
14. Uncheck the option of the secure server in the next option
15. Also, uncheck the option of the verified certificate
16. After the authentication by the SMTP server, you will be taken to the next step
17. Provide the complete roadrunner email and password again
18. Click on the Next button
19. Provide the account name that you want to get displayed on the screen
20. Click on done

How to Configure the RR Email Settings on an Android Phone for the Pop Server.?

1. On the android device, open up the email application and click on the next option.
2. Select the POP 3 settings in the account type option and the near the roadrunner email and password that is used for the RR email login.
3. Configure the RR email password and server port for the smooth receiving and sending of the emails smooth and easy.

How to Do the Roadrunner Email Set Up on ipad                                                                                              

1. From the primary display screen of the iPad, pick out the settings option.
2. From the list of the objects, click on at the debts and password.
3. Next, click on the choice add account and then pick out the alternative.
4. Select to feature mail account after which a brand new window could be displayed on the display.
5. Enter the name, electronic mail, password, and description inside the respective fields asked.
6. The subsequent step is to select the rr.Com electronic mail server settings: possible select either IMAP or POP settings for the mail server.
7. Make the correct configurations for the server.
8. Click on put up.
9. And you're all achieved with the rr.Com electronic mail installation at the iPad.                                                                                   
Road Runner web mail is managed and controlled by TWC, which stands for Time Warner Cable Network. Get all details about RoadRunner Email Settings to easily setup in another email applications. This is very important to aware about IMAP Settings of any Email Application. If we know the correct IMAP and SMTP Settings so, we can easily configure any email account. In this blog, we have provided all information about RoadRunner IMAP and SMTP server settings. Also, An simple and quick solution to backup RoadRunner emails to hard drive or any another email. Therefore, you should give it a try as well. Also, using the below IMAP Settings you can configure the RoadRunner Email to any email( Gmail, Outlook), Android, iPhone etc.                                                                                                                           

Roadrunner email settings for outlook                                                                                                                                 

Want to configure your Roadrunner email on Microsoft? This is how you should do it –

1. Go to the “File” option in your Microsoft Mail account and click on the “Add Account” option.
2. Select “Manually configure server settings” (This is because your Roadrunner Email needs manual server configuration).
3. You need to provide your full name in “Email Name” and the complete email address in the username section.
4. Now, give your email password and click on the account type option.
5. Choose the POP3 server and provide as the outgoing server domain as well as the incoming server domain.
“Finish” the configuration on Microsoft.
6. Once the configuration is done, you will be able to get your roadrunner emails in your Microsoft email.

Final Words - Hope above these RR Spectrum Email Settings will help to configure on your device very easily if you need any other help visit