Here Are 3 Golden Rules For Successful Social Media Marketing

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Marketing on social media, also known as SM marketing, offers every organization a fascinating opportunity. SM marketing is rewarding, groundbreaking, for the most part, and it can generate wonderful results. But most people miserably fail at it, and that's because one of these critical ingredients is missing.


A successful social media campaign can involve everything from video creation to micro-blogging to copywriting. Each of these is a different beast and requires its own learning curve. Not only that, but good SM marketing should support your SEO strategies as well. A proper grasp of each medium and how your media distribution supports your SEO and branding efforts is critical to success.


There are many social media platforms and strategies that a business needs to master for a successful SM campaign, including:

● Video

● Social bookmarking

● Social sites like Facebook and LinkedIn

● Micro-blogging platforms like Twitter and Friendfeed

● Blogging platforms

● Slide sharing sites like Slideshare

Creating and distributing media to all of these will demand the use of creation and distribution tools. Without them, you will either have to spend way too much time manually submitting or not get your message on as many sites as you should.


It's a team effort. If you are a "one-man show," you're doomed. The opportunity is far too big for one person to tackle. Besides, there's no such thing as a non-competitive sector (if there is, it won't last long!), and your competitors have specialist teams. Sooner or later, the best team will win.

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