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A Perfect Review Laptops have been a choice of many people who opt to work anywhere away from their homes and offices.


A Perfect Review Laptops have been a choice of many people who opt to work anywhere away from their homes and offices. It is obviously portable which can do the same tasks with desktops. However, in buying your next laptop, few things must be kept in mind, so that you will acquire full utilization of this device. Here are the things you must take in consideration before buying:


  1. Processor

The processor of a laptop has the equivalent to desktop's CPU. It is the brains of the device and takes care of the overall system. Its speed is measured in Gigahertz, so the larger the number of the processor, the faster it is. Currently, the best processor around is the Core Duo by Intel, which by its name implies, can do two processes simultaneously. The downside however, is the price, which is quite expensive compared to other brands with single processors. Moreover, the single processors are on the period of being phased out, so they are less expensive. If you are doing simple tasks with your laptop like word processing and internet operations, the single core is enough, but for more complicated tasks like multimedia operations, a dual processor is suitable.


  1. Brand

In choosing the laptop you want to purchase, it is also important to look for a specific brand that will fit your needs. Different laptop brands have their own pros and cons. For example: Dell Inspiron 14 is known for its large display and speedy processors, suitable for people who multitask in their laptops however, it is not good to be brought around, since it has short battery life. Another thing is it's not equipped with webcam and Bluetooth. Sony Vaio SR series on the other hand is a highly-portable model with slim and lightweight design, on another part; it has smaller display compared to other laptops. Before buying the laptop that you want, read some reviews in the internet and find out which one has the qualities you are looking for so you won't regret in the end. In addition, choosing a brand that is common in your area will make it easier for you to find spare parts, in case your computer gets in trouble in the future.


  1. Battery

Your battery capacity is very important if you are someone who is always on the go while doing multiple tasks. Having a laptop with long-lasting battery will give you the freedom to work in places where power source is not easily available. Low end laptops which are cheaper, would give you a performance up to 2.5-3 hours. On the other hand, other better brands such as Lenovo ThinkPad X60s can give you up to 8 hours of service while the laptop is used for multiple tasks.


It is safe to remember when you are buying a laptop, to verify how long the battery lasts with the highest possible settings. They might give you numbers that indicate the laptop's performance with lower settings.


  1. Memory

It is among the important considerations in buying a laptop. Having sufficient memory will determine how your system will work. The bigger the memory your laptop has, the more proficient it will run. More over, having a lot of RAM (Random-access Memory) lets you run more applications at the same time without slowing down your device's performance. It is also important for graphics work and picture, video and 3D editing. For gamers and those who use a lot of software in their laptop, it is advisable that you acquire a RAM of 3GB at least.


For the hard drive memory, 1GB will work out just fine. Moreover, a memory of 512MB with Windows XP OS can be satisfactory. A 256MB memory might be very slow and inefficient. Before buying, don't forget to ask the salesclerk if the memory is upgradeable and if there is an available memory slot, for such purpose.


  1. Screen sizes

The size of your laptop screen plays an important role in what kind of tasks you usually do with your laptop. If you watch movie often or edit images in Photoshop, it is better to have a bigger screen, for you to fully utilize your laptop. Smaller screens, in which smaller laptops have, will be fine if you just have to browse the internet and do word processing with your laptop. A laptop with 14-inch monitor is suitable enough for the eyes, but for gamers and movie buffs who want better viewing, a 17-inch monitor is a better choice.


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