When are micro tape hair extensions best suited to use?

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Micro tape hair extensions are best for when you want to wear them for weeks and are not looking for a permanent solution. Remember to choose natural ones always.

Hair extensions are super cool, aren’t they? You get to style your hair in any way that you want it to. No donut these hair extensions are a quick fix to all the bad hairstyles or hair types. Types of hair extensions available include;

  • Clip-in Hair Extensions
  • Tape-In Hair Extensions/micro tape hair extensions
  • Sew-In Hair Extensions/Weave
  • Fusion Pre-Bonded Hair Extensions
  • Microlink Hair Extensions

Let us dive a bit deep with hair extensions and their types.

What are the different hair extension options available?


These temporary hair extensions are easy to apply and take out. You can do that weekly or even daily! Thus, if you are looking for such an option, try and buy clip-in pieces, wefts, and weaves and add an everyday style to your hair. 


The semi-permanent hair extensions can be easily worn for 6 to 8 weeks. For a semi-permanent solution go for micro tape hair extensions which are invisible tapes and hard to catch if you are wearing hair extensions or not. These come in smaller wefts of hair strands. 


Permanent hair extensions can be worn for many months. Micro rings or micro bonds are usually used for this. Smaller attachments last long without seeming uncomfortable. 

Which Ones Are Good - Synthetic Or Natural Hair Extensions?

It is good to choose 100% human hair when buying hair extensions because they provide a seamless look to your hair. Whereas, synthetic hair options are not as convincing as natural micro hair extensions. They give an unnatural shine to your hair making its noticeable for everyone that something is wrong with your hair. They are heavier than the natural hair and so you cannot flaunt them in the way that you do with your natural hair. Also, heat styling them becomes very difficult. Although they are cheap but quality of both the options stands on very different levels. In an experts opinion, natural or Remy micro tape hair extensions are the best.

Get advice about hair extensions from the experts before you start choosing the type of hair extension for styling your hair. Take color recommendations as well, if you are just a beginner and need the perfect match in the first go. Good quality micro hair extensions may seem costly for once, but once you invest in them correctly you are going to reap long term benefits for sure.