Practical Tips to Come through Higher SERPs Ranking of Magento Store

Are you running a Magento powered retail store? And, worrying about SERPs ranking? If yes, this post is of your interest.


Are you running a Magento powered retail store? And, worrying about SERPs ranking? If yes, this post is of your interest.

Every Magento development agency stays up for the different tricks and techniques to build a high-performing website that allows the retailers to beat the competitors.

Below, I have curated a list of some best practical tips that contribute to higher SEO ranks, if practiced well.

Let’s have a look!

Perform Technical SEO

An approach to technical SEO is an effective one when it comes to optimizing your Magento store from crawling and indexing on search engines. As the name suggests, it involves the technical process for more visibility.

It covers everything from JavaScript indexing, XML sitemaps, rich snippet, keyword research to taking care of redirects. Some common guidelines to consider while ensuring a technical SEO from scratch involves secure sockets layer (SSL), fixing content duplicity, enabling AMP (accelerated mobile pages), and following a structured data markup.

Custom Approach

A tailored approach intends to develop a website according to your business needs and preferences. Going for a custom magento development allows you to incorporate the solutions that cater to our specific niche. Here, you get time to explore and analyze your SEO requirements and other preferences as well, to make a Magento store performant.

Another reason to choose a custom approach is it saves you a lot of time and cost. Because, if you choose a default structure and perform customization later, it would consume a great deal of time and cost.

Optimize Site Architecture

A Magento site structure refers to how you set up all the elements of design and development, and further, link every subpage (etc., category pages or product pages) to each other. From SEO performance aspects, it is an essential factor of your website.

On the whole, it contributes to several things involving better crawling, an unbreakable SEO foundation for your website, providing site links, etc. If you have properly managed your Magento site in terms of content, navigation, pages, etc. It becomes quite easy to increase its ranking on search engines. Try to place products, content, blogs, categories, etc. neatly, in an arranged manner, so that search engines can find the relevant results easily on your website.

Page load speed

The page load time of your Magento site can be better understood as the time taken by it to get loaded on the user’s browsers requesting it.
Adding to this, today’s consumers are impatient and would not wait for a long due to everything available in abundance on the internet.

To find out your website’s current page load times, you can go for a deep check to know the flaws and errors of using some online tools that are readily available in the market such as the GTmetrix or Website Speed Test. Both tools are quite competitive and accurate when it comes to facilitating the process of page load optimization.

• Get Magento 2.X

The top search engines like Google hates outdated software. If you do not get well the latest trending technologies or versions of the platform that is being used, you are set to fall badly. Talking about Magento, it has been in the news previously for its complete shut down of Magento 1.X version support.

Therefore, it is advised that you should update your current Magento site with the latest version, i.e., Magento 2.X.


In this post, I have not included every tip that helps in achieving high SEO ranks. However, I have mentioned the ones that are quite popular amongst marketers. For a tailored approach to the search engine ranks of your particular Magento site, it is advised to consult the experts.