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The Trade Desk refers to a pool of TRX, BTT, XRP, and ANTE that is traded on a few popular exchanges by our resident trader with 12 years of trading experience. While CITYUPTAKE holders enjoy the safety of a 1:1 exchange and the associated SR rewards, it is the Trade Desk rewards that really excite our community.

A brief example will help explain. Let’s imagine you purchase 100,000 CITYUPTAKE for 135,000 TRX. Part of that purchase price includes a fee of 25K TRX that gets contributed to the Trade Desk account which, let’s say, has 1 million TRX that is traded daily. If at the end of that weekly cycle, the trade desk balance has grown to 1,150,000 TRX through swing trading, then 150,000 TRX will be shared to all CITYUPTAKE holders. If your 100,000 CITYUPTAKE represents 1% of the current circulating supply, then you will receive 1,500 TRX for that week or 1% of the Trade Desk gains for that week.

It should be noted that contributions to the Trade Desk from sales are not shared with CityUptake holders. These additions are added to the pool that is traded. Currently, the Trade Desk is trading over 5.6 million TRX, and the rewards shared are on average between 3–5% of the total trade desk each week.

You can see actual stakes and rewards here

Trade Desk Growth


Upon inception of the project, the founders of CITYUPTAKE contributed 25,000 TRX for every 100,000 CITYUPTAKE purchased to reward the trust and loyalty required to send a relatively unknown quantity in the crypto space their TRX. The founders limited this form of Trade Desk funding to 1 million TRX. During this phase, CITYUPTAKE was available for 1 TRX.

To continue to grow, the Trade Desk needed to be funded organically through new sales of the token. To that end, the Agent phase was started with all agents required to submit KYC documentation. A price of 1.35 TRX per CITYUPTAKE was established, with agents alone capable of purchasing CITYUPTAKE in a manner that increases the circulating supply.

When Agents facilitate the purchase of each CITYUPTAKE, 1 TRX is frozen, voted, and made available for exchange on demand. A fee of .25 per CITYUPTAKE provides access to share in the rewards for the gains made by the Trade Desk each week. This fee ensures Trade Desk growth and prevents dilution of rewards for current holders. The fee also ensures that this model is sustainable and not a scheme that relies on future buyers to fund the gains of past buyers. The extra .1 supports the efforts of the agents.

Is Sharing 3–5% of Total Trade Desk Realistic?

It may seem like an optimistic goal but the chart below illustrates the percentage of the Trade Desk shared each week as of this last cycle. As you can see, the rewards shared are consistently in the target range.


To learn more, please join us in the Telegram channel where we enjoy discussing the project as well as other developments in the Tron community.



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