Receive ETH without invitings!!!

Take up to 10.000 ETH Now!
You will need the Ethereum Wallet and 0.05 ETH.
(0.05 ETH = $ 10.63)


Step 1

To register and simultaneously receive 1 level in the System, send 0.05 ETH to your upline. And the first user came after you will send thi funds back to you. This is 1 time action for all time. All other transfers are made at the expense of already earned funds.

Simple and clear guide on the page SIGN UP.

Step 2

SIGN IN TO THE ACCOUNT, using only the Ethereum wallet number (without password). 
The password is not needed, since your account is in a smart contract, and not on the site. Therefore, your account cannot be blocked or deleted from the System even by the site administration. And your Ethereum wallet can not be hacked or changed to another.

Step 3

There are three ways to get referrals: 
1) Attract referrals to your structure in CRYPTOHANDS. 
2) Get referrals from four uplines with the help of "overflows" (as programmed in the smart contract). 
3) Wait until the system itself will bring you free referrals.

Step 4

Receive automatical trasactions form smart contract directly on your Ethereum wallet. 
According to the tabelt below, on the 1 level you are transferred 0.15 ETH, on the 2 level - 1.35 ETH, and on the 3 level - 12.15 ETH. (there are 8 levels in total and 10000ETH of earnings).