Prisoner Of The Lower Reality

We live in very exciting times, so much so that I can assert without any second thought that it’s indeed an honor and delight to be alive in this place and second!
And although it might appear at the first glance as a naive optimism, the thing that gladdens and excites me the most is that we’re witnessing an era of transition; and not a trivial one, but rather a very sophisticated one — which is leading to a higher level of consciousness.
This transition is extremely delicate, whereas it requires to be fueled by a process of mass-awakening in multiple areas of activity simultaneously. In other words, increasingly more people break free from the chains of the flock and stop being sheep any longer. And even if this might be just a reflection of my idealistic non-empirical projections, just the fact that I believe in it with all my heart — it’s already beyond beautiful; and in a higher manifestation of the Reality — it’s all that matters.
However, we’re still in the very early stages of this transition, since the overwhelming majority of the people didn’t even start realizing that they’re only concerned with the Lower Reality — the physical world. And that’s probably natural due to the fact that the easiest and fastest way to get preoccupied with something is by dealing with what is right in front of us, not taking the effort to try and look what is beneath the surface or outside our comfort zone.
Every time a tendency to look beyond the physical world emerges, the first layer of our mental plane rejects it vehemently. Thus, one might wonder: Why are we structured in such a way as to reject something that would bring beneficial elements to our self-being? And that’s a very good question, and the answer is rather a subtle and extremely complex one.
A part of it would be to learn how to accumulate an enough doze of enlightenment in order to be capable to ungate a certain path towards a next level of our journey, because if we were to not be required overcoming any hurdle or committing any sacrifice — the rewards would be insignificant, hence no joy or bliss involved in the long term. Besides, it would simply not allow us to grow and develop, whereas it wouldn’t resonate with the frequencies of the cosmic fire.
Therefore, our first mission should be to embrace the difficulties as something inevitable; the key being to educate ourselves how to overcome them with pleasure, instead of annoyance, frustration or even obligation.
The Esotericism and Philosophy are teaching us for millenniums already that our surrounding physical world is nothing more than just an illusion. And lately Science started also to catch up with this idea, however it only scratches the surface just yet…
The position of the Mainstream Science, when it comes to this subject, tends to tilt towards the Virtual Reality aspect — that our world might be a product of a higher civilizations’ simulation. In other words, our physical world is nothing more than just a Video Game created by some more advanced Stellar nation; thus — an illusion of the Reality.
Although, from a certain perspective, this might make some sense; various occult and esoterico-philosophical teachings clearly signal to us that this isn’t even a stone of a mountain in the grander schemes of things. Yes, our matter-based world is indeed an illusion, but one that requires an infinite times more intricate and dualistic-specialized approach.
The explanation of our physical world being an illusion through the means of becoming created in the “computer” of some superior civilization conveys only the objective expression of this grasp.
For an attempt to delve deeper by going into the subjective realm — we must realize or at least start realizing that the illusionary confusion emerges due to the disintegration of the One into Multiplicity in order to pave the path for the cyclic involution and evolution of the consciousness. Hence: the multiplicity is neither real nor unreal; it’s relatively real, temporarily real, pragmatically real; a combination of truth and falsehood; it’s apparently real, but fundamentally unreal; it’s real for the most practical purposes, but unreal when the basic nature is unraveled.
That’s why I like to use for the most part the “Lower Reality” notion in contrast to the “illusion”.
Unfortunately, I’m not 100% persuaded just yet that this is actually the case, whereas my senses block me from a complete adoption of such a Truth, and that’s probably what prevents me from advancing to the next level in the evolutionary journey of my consciousness; but at least I make the effort to prove being self-aware by making one compromise at a time towards the full-absolute acceptance of me living indeed in the Lower Reality of my emanation.
At this point one might ask: “Well, if our surrounding tangible material world is the Lower Reality,… which one is the True one?” And again, because we still live in the Reality of multiplicity, confusion, illusion and dualism — we have to deal with many versions and variants of the Truth. I myself embarked and disembarked from many during my journey, and for the future there’s a high probability that this trend will continue; but at this very second I made a stop at the idea that the Truth displays itself via 3 planes of existence or 3 Realities:
  • Lower RealityLaw of Economy, Fire by Friction (Internal Vitalizing Fire), Inert Motion, the dense form, the material world. It persists in the Objective Bridging Domains Of Life such as in Mineral Kingdom, Vegetal Kingdom, Animal Kingdom in a part of the Human Kingdom.
  • Intermediate RealityLaw of Attraction, Solar Fire (Spark of Mind), Activity, the world of the ideal shapes and forms. It persists in the Bridging Subjective Domains Of Life such as in a part of the Human Kingdom Soul Kingdom.
  • Higher RealityLaw of Synthesis, Electric Fire (Monadic Divine Flame), Rhythmic Motion, the Logos, the source, the fountain of the absolute Wisdom Truth, one absolute Reality which antecedes all manifested condition-being, the point beyond space-time where the sound puts the expansion of the Universe-Being into motion. It persists in the Subjective Domains Of Life such as the Planetary Kingdom Solar Kingdom.
Pythagoras and Socrates, among many others, touched this topic; the latter utilizing the Spontaneous Dialectics in order to trigger people’s inner worlds deposited deep inside the mind.
Plato dealt with this topic as well. And albeit he didn’t present a very detailed explanation and terminology either, he offered to the world his famous “Allegory of the Cave”, which had and still has the purpose to educate the humanity about this amazing phenomena through illustrative concepts.
Many others tackled this topic in a way or another and each of them placed their own contribution in helping the Mankind on its journey to perceive this stupendous mystery of life.
In conclusion. I am perfectly aware that at the surface all this sounds ungrounded and even complete nonsense, especially if you’re exposed to such kind of stuff for the first time. And if this is the case, I also know that you automatically try to find an objective explanation, an objective tangible proof to all of this; therefore you’re seeking right off the bat some demonstration that would resonate with your senses.
And that’s why you would get inevitably into a deadlock and the illusion would not disappear, continuing acting as a fake Absolute Reality. So as to break the illusion and begin coming back from Multiplicity to One, you got to look beyond the senses; and instead of catering to and supplying your Senses, you should cater to and supply your Essence.
In other words, the answer and the solution to this Illusionary Lower Reality isn’t outside, but namely deep inside yourself. So start digging and always remember: the Truth is simple, the Wisdom is simple, the Law is simple, the Beauty is simple; complexity and intricacy come only in the variety of expression, in confusion of manifestation.
Like the pieces of a jigsaw puzzle looked at separately, yet when once united into a whole, the theme is clear and confusion disappears!
I’ll leave you on this note…….
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