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FIO Social – Is a Social Media Welfare Platform – Redistribution of Wealth

Freedom of Speech, No Spyware, No Data Mining

Install Tronlink for install and with drawl.

Video to show how to install and use Tron Link

FIO will use ad revenue to pay for the platform and buyback 1UP Points that are listed on an exchange. You will earn 1UP Points on the platform which you can Keep, Trade, Sell or buy tangible items with them.

Who can use FIO Social?

Content creators, end-users, musicians, bloggers, photographers, influencers, podcasters and will earn 1UP Points for sharing content. End users can also tip in 1UP for content creators that post quality content.

Earning 1UP points is free. We use social media to encourage end-users to participate in the platform. They are rewarded for participation by a token scale system. Our tipping platform is a form of upvoting. Content creators are encouraged to put quality content to earn the most points they can.

We encourage people to use our groups and create a community showing off their projects and activities they enjoy.

How to earn 1UP?

1. Tipping – Quality Content
2. Affiliate Links by inviting family and friends
3. Posting
4. Sharing
5. Blogging
6. Groups
7. Being Social
8. Crypto Rewards Section

I have earned the Points now what?

1. Buy tangible items on the platform
2. Buy Pro Memberships with Points
3. Sell or Trade on an Exchange
4. Tip peers for Quality Content
5. Buying Advertising Pay Per Clicks with the Points

How to withdrawl Points.

Left Menu > Wallet > Withdawl

Left menu bar. Select wallet and put your TRON address in and press withdrawl.

Will FIO Data Mine?

No FIO will not mine your data and sell it.

That being said, we cannot support illegal activities or threats of violence on our website. Additionally, as Uptrennd is a crypto-only platform at this point in time, non-crypto content and blatant spam is subject to being removed from the website. Fake accounts and the fake account creators.


FIO will not censor posts unless.

Content is illegal activities, threats, racism, violence, mass shooting planning, spam etc.. This will be removed with out prejudice.

Capital raising and ICO

FIO never crowd funded or did an ICO. Platform was built using owners own funding.

Anonymous Login?

FIO is in the process of building Tron Link login. This will allow FIO users a choice to login with social logins or anonymous login.

What exchange is FIO listing on currently?



We do not KYC users. Verification is only if you want the blue checkmark by your profile name. Once we verify any documents are destroyed we do not store or keep information. We are trying to figure out a different way to do this more anonymously but are still searching. You will not need to do this to get Points or have a profile. 100% opt-in.

What are 1UP Points?

Friendster (1UP) Points are a TRC20 token with a 1 billion supply. Please be very careful as there are already fake 1UP Points in the market. Friendster plans to become a cross-chain token in the future.

System and Payout

You earn Points through all of your interactions on the site such as liking, commenting, posting, adding friends, and setting up groups. You also earn Points for referring your friends to Friendster and this is discussed in more detail below.

If you check your ‘My Wallet’ you will see the balance of the Points you have earned so far and your transactions. There are sections to ‘Earn 1UP’ and ‘Shop with 1UP’ which we will be adding to later. In the ‘Tips’ section, you can tip Points to your friends on the site.

Post tipping coming soon!

We are introducing Tronlink to allow you to withdraw your Points to a wallet and Points which will be listed on an exchange.

**** With drawl is located in your 1UP Vault. Can take up to 24 hours 10k minimum with a drawl.****

How the referral system works

Located in Invite your friend's section are your QR code and referral link. This will give you 1UP Points upon a completed user signing up.

The referrer will receive Points when a new user signs up using his referral link.

Go to the 3 dots at the top right on mobile, or left-hand menu on pc and find ‘Invite your friends. Copy the Link there and send it to your friends. Help us to grow Friendster while you earn!

The new user will be counted as referred once they sign up from a new IP address and if no-one has accessed the site from that IP address previously. You can only test your link by sending it to new users. You're not able to test it by yourself, or by creating new accounts using your IP.

Day mode / Night Mode

Use the 3 dots at the top right of the profile to switch between Day mode / Night Mode

Feature Updates

Will continuously happen.

Background size

Suggested Size 1366 x 768

Does Friendster have a referral link for Brave Browser?

Yes, we do, and thanks for thinking of us! Our link is brave.com/fri870.

How to change your password

3 dots top right > general settings > password

Will there be a mobile app?

Android and iOS apps are currently in testing :)