Blockchain is changing the world rapidly, and transforming both the economy and society. The development of Blockchain technology combined with Smart Contract and Crypto Token enables the shift from centralized operational models to decentralized ones, creating fundamental shifts in economic models and social relations towards transparency, impartiality and globalization.
FRIENDSTER.IO SOCIAL NETWORK (“FSTER”) is an ecosystem consisting of two key elements, TRON BLOCKCHAIN and FRIENDSTER SOCIAL ON TRON BLOCKCHAIN is a Smart Contract Blockchain technology platform and the Smart Contract is developed specifically in the form of Revenue Sharing Smart Contract (TRC20). FRIENDSTER.IO SOCIAL is a decentralized social network built on TRON BLOCKCHAIN dedicated to the relationship and Next Gen Social Gaming Experience will benefit all participants. Participants will receive ad and revenue sharing.
TRON BLOCKCHAIN is a Blockchain structure that is expandable both in width and in depth, and capable of storing a large amount of data and handling millions of transactions per second by utilizing the transactional consensus model DPOS (Delegated Proof of Stake), without charging transaction fees to improve the applications’ economic efficiency and allow customization and easily to help individuals or companies applying it into sharing economy business models including advertising, affiliate e-commerce and sharing revenue.
As a result, FRIENDSTER.IO present and future accumulated value does not belong to any holding company but is distributed to the FRIENDSTER.IO community. allowing third parties to integrate or expand applications and add-ons on the principles of revenue sharing using FRIENDSTER.IO future sustainability and self-development
Automatic revenue sharing mechanisms are FRIENDSTER.IO differentiating points enabling the development of the user community, and creating incentives to attract more active users in the system. This model motivates all participants by stimulating competition between old vs new users, active vs inactive users, and content contributors vs non contributors. Additionally, FRIENDSTER,IO allows its users to personalize their pages for the most valuable or meaningful information and better connection with their target audience. Big Data and Artificial Intelligence (“AI”) applications are also utilized to efficiently personalize information in the system.