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Am new first post free earning tell me


User: CryptoTradePlan
Balance: ฿0.00585985
Type: BTCMiner Free

Results from 5 days of running this FREE telegram bot and still running on day 5. Pretty impressive.

Airdrop & Bounty Announcement

Token bounty for task "EARN MORE BOUNTY" from the airdrop program will be distributed to user balance on telegram bot (update balance) after phase 1 completed on July 31, 2019.

Airdrop program have 3 phase:
- Phase 1 on July 2019
- Phase 2 on August 2019
- Phase 3 on September 2019

You can withdraw your token from Telegram Bot to HLBIT Exchange after phase 1 complate on August 2019.

HLOB token available to trade between phase 2 (august) and phase 3 (september). We will update this info soon from our channel.

Register and submit KYC here to receive 100HLOB

You can also join Telegrambot to EARN 30HLOB

Grab it now !

HLBit Trade

1 year ago - Translate

"Minter Network" (airdrop)

Reward: 10 BIP (0.39 ETH)

Link: http://

* Start airdrop bot
* Join @MinterNetwork
* Join @DeCenter
* Download bip wallet and create wallet and send to the bot

:warning:Use google translator if you don't understand language in telegram bot
#[123] #Bitcoin #Ethereum #Cryptocurrency #Eth


Earn EVEN tokens worth 100 USDT and more:
1. Follow my referral link and receive 500 tokens
2. Share your referral link and get 100 EVEN per every referral
3. Complete bounty tasks and receive up to 1500 tokens
Initial listing rate is 3000 EVEN = 100 USDT
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